An article dated in 1979:

A congregation of the Church of Christ first began meeting at Thompsons Station in 1845 with about 15 members. Some of the first members were from the Hamilton, Thompson, McIntosh, Wilson, and Alexander families. Some of the families associated with Thompsons Station for a long time are the Arnolds, Beasleys, Williams, and Sedberrys. Five generations of the Sedberry family have attended here, with three of the five generations presently worshipping with the congregation.

The original white frame building is still being used, although remodeling has greatly changed the appearance. In days past, the baptizing was done in Cannon's Creek, or under the trees near the bridge north of Spring Hill, Tennessee. As late as 1971, the baptisteries of neighboring congregations were used until a permanent baptistery was installed in the building. The church building was also used as a hospital following the Battle of Thompsons Station. Bullet marks were made on the front walls during the battle in March 1863. It is also thought that the present building was once used as a Baptist church. Some of the members moved away, and some were converted to the Church of Christ. The Church of Christ brethren moved in and continued to use the building, but no deed is recorded at Franklin, Tennessee.

In 1902, it was put up for sale by a tax attorney, and a lot sold to Ross Alexander. Later a portion of the same was deeded to William J. Zelner, L. M. Evans, and J. H. Sedberry, trustees of the church at that time. A lot, which is being used for a parking lot, is recorded at the Registers Office in Franklin, Tennessee. The land on which the upper parking lot was located was purchased in April 1977. Soon after this land was purchased, it was excavated and paved. In October 1978, portable classrooms were installed on the east side of the upper parking area close to the church building.

In 1971, the Thompsons Station Church of Christ received a sizable inheritance from Mrs. Minnie Claire Kitrell Anderson who passed away in May 1960.

The present trustees of the church are Everett Hughes, Paul Hood, and Rob Whitley.

An article dated in 2003:

In April of 1999, approximately 11 acres of land was purchased at 4721 Columbia Highway for the purpose of constructing a new church building. Construction began in 2002, and the first service was held on April 6, 2003 with 333 in attendance. The Church of Christ at Thompsons Station continues to minister to the needs of the community at Thompsons Station. The elders today are Tim Neal, Jesse Harrell, and Ronald Dark.

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